Chris Brown Places Offset & “Pootie Tang” Side-By-Side To Prove His Point

Chris Brown Places Offset & Pootie Tang Side-By-Side To Prove His Point

The feud between and continues.

The feud between and picked up earlier this week after was arrested by ICE. Because of the bizarre nature of the story, the Atlanta rapper was an easy target for memes. took part in the laughs, sharing an edit that somebody made of ’s XXL Cypher mashed up with Big Shaq. was not pleased that Brown was using his platform to share memes instead of encouraging people to help Savage. Set called Chris “lame” in the comments section and since then, Breezy has been heated.

The beef has been pretty one-sided with Chris Brown taking most of the punches. Offset called him a “cokehead” last night and now, Chris is snapping with a side-by-side comparison of the star and , the title character from a 2001 film. The “Undecided” singer went off on Offset, comparing him to a ton of different embarrassing figures but the one he’s sticking with the most is . Just now, he updated his Instagram story with a side-by-side comparison of the two and, if we’re being honest, there is definitely a resemblance. That doesn’t mean that this feud isn’t based purely on pettiness though.

It feels like the two will continue to trade shots for a while. Hopefully, they can both settle on a positive way to bring attention to ’s troubling situation.

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