T.I, Jay-Z, Pharrell & Q-Tip Shine In “Young Millionaires” Throwback Pic

T.I has been in the game for a minute, and the Atlanta legend can look back on a legacy well lived. With a catalog of countless hits stemming back to his self-deemed invention of “trap music,”  has earned his spot in the annals of history. As such, a flashback Friday picture from the Troubleman is bound to carry weight. Seeing glimpses from the behind-the-scenes process are always enjoyable to the fans, and today, Tip has shared an interesting one.

T.I, Jay-Z, Pharrell & Q-Tip Shine In "Young Millionaires" Throwback Pic

“Back when I was the youngest millionaire in the room,” he writes, alongside an image of four hip-hop icons: himself, Williams, Jay-Z, and . Given the lack of context, it’s difficult to say which project was consuming each respective artist, especially since Skateboard ’s eternal youth makes it difficult to launch a temporal anchor. Though Tip’s rebellious demeanor is a telling sign, to be sure; the days of Family Hustle were but an unfocused dream. Looking back, it’s great to see each artist still thriving, able to look back on a job well done.

Respect to , , Jay-Z, and . Always nice to see legends stand united.

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